Ukraine had its best-ever performance at the 2023 Invictus Games, winning a total of 34 medals, including 12 golds. This year, the Ukrainian team consisted of 25 athletes, the largest team in the history of their participation in the games. The 2023 Invictus Games took place in Düsseldorf, Germany, and Ukrainian athletes competed in nine different sports, as reported by the official event website.

In the overall results, Ukraine secured 34 medals (12 gold, 14 silver, 8 bronze), marking the country’s best performance in the history of their participation in the Invictus Games. This year’s Ukrainian team participated for the fourth time in total.

Ukrainian athletes achieved podium placements in six out of nine sports, with rowing machines (11 medals: 4 gold and 7 silver), swimming (9 medals: 3 gold, 3 silver, and 3 bronze), and archery (5 medals: 3 gold and 2 bronze) being the most successful disciplines.

Federal President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, mentioned during the closing ceremony of the 2023 Invictus Games: “I would like to say this to the team from Ukraine, which has participated in the Invictus Games for the second time and now has to return to defend its country from the aggressor Russia – you have my deep respect and support from all of us. I wish you to draw new strength from the days you spent here!”

“This illegal war could have ended today if Putin withdrew his troops from foreign soil and thus put an end to this death and destruction. Together, we stand with Ukraine. We support Ukrainians in their heroic struggle so that Putin’s Russia does not win this war. And together with Ukraine, we hope every day that this war can end as soon as possible, to prevent further deaths, suffering, and injustice.”

“Team Ukraine, all of us here sympathize with you, and we hope that you can take something with you from the special strength of this community of the unconquered.”

The Invictus Games, founded by His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex in 2014, are international competitions for veterans and servicemen who have been injured, wounded, or fallen ill while performing their duties. Ukraine joined the Invictus Games in 2017, making its debut at the Toronto event.

Source: The Gaze