Citizens of Ukraine with collective protection status or residence permits in Norway can expect a one-time assistance from the Norwegian government in the amount of 17,500 Norwegian kroner (approximately €1,500) upon their return home. This information has been posted on the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration portal.

This support from the Kingdom of Norway’s government aims to provide individuals with means of subsistence during their initial period back home, as they search for employment. It’s worth noting that the Norwegian government does not provide assistance for the return journey. To receive the funds, individuals will need to provide relevant documents, tickets, and a travel itinerary, with the money transferred to their bank account after confirmation of their return. A voluntary return application and copies of tickets (or a declaration of travel by private vehicle) must be submitted at least 16 weeks before departure. Additionally, the notification of moving from Norway needs to be processed and submitted.

In the event that a person decides to return to Norway later on, they will be required to partially repay the financial aid. If less than a year has passed since their departure, a reimbursement of 15,000 Norwegian kroner (approximately €1,300) is necessary. For departures lasting between 13 and 18 months, it’s 10,000 Norwegian kroner (about €850), and for periods between 18 and 24 months, it’s 5,000 Norwegian kroner (around €420). If more than two years have passed, there is no requirement to repay any funds.

According to statistics from the Norwegian government, there are over 51,000 Ukrainian refugees in the country who arrived following Russia’s full-scale invasion.

It’s worth noting that several other countries are either offering or planning to introduce assistance for Ukrainians returning home. For example, Switzerland provides financial support for the journey back home, covering the cost of transportation, accommodation, meals, and miscellaneous expenses while traveling. The exact amount is determined on an individual basis, but it typically amounts to around 500 Swiss francs (approximately €520) per adult and 250 francs (about €260) per child.

The Swiss government is also considering plans to offer payments to Ukrainians for leaving the country, which will range from 1,000 to 4,000 Swiss francs (corresponding to €1,037 to €4,150) per person, depending on the duration of their departure. Similar programs are also being considered by the governments of Ireland and the Czech Republic.

Source: The Gaze