Greece has become one of the countries that joined the Lithuanian-initiated demining coalition established within the framework of the Ramstein Contact Group on Ukraine’s defence. This was stated by Greek Defence Minister Nikos Dendias during his visit to Vilnius.

In his speech, Dendias stressed Greece’s support for Ukraine, whose invasion he called “a gross violation of its national sovereignty and international law”.

“And we are pleased to have recently joined the Mine Action Coalition under your leadership and signed the agreement in your presence in Brussels,” he added, addressing his Lithuanian counterpart Arvydas Anusauskas.

Greece will also continue to supply Ukraine with weapons and ammunition this year, without exhausting its stocks. The equipment will be purchased from the Czech Republic and delivered directly to Ukraine. Czech and Greek officials are negotiating prices for the systems and are preparing to sign a bilateral agreement.

Greek officials say that Ukraine is most in need of ammunition and that their offer will help meet Ukrainian needs.

Athens has informed European Union officials responsible for coordinating aid to Kyiv that it may supply Ukraine with ammunition this year via the Czech Republic, including

2,000 5-inch Zuni missiles;

180 2.75-inch rockets, which are successfully used in anti-tank warfare in Ukraine and are close to the top of the list of Ukrainian requests;

90,000 90mm shells, which are also used in anti-tank warfare and as anti-aircraft weapons;

4 million bullets

and 70 US-made 155mm M114A1 howitzers.

The latter actually originated from the Greek army, but were long considered unnecessary for its operational needs. However, they are considered useful in Ukraine’s battles in muddy terrain. This is the second batch of M114A1s to be sold by Greece to the Czech Republic for transfer to Ukraine.

Defence Minister Nikos Dendias will attend a meeting of NATO members and other countries donating weapons to Ukraine in Germany this week. He is expected to reiterate Greece’s position that the flow of arms and ammunition must be maintained to help Ukraine through the difficult spring.

Greece has already provided anti-aircraft missile systems and sent Soviet-made BMP-1 tracked infantry fighting vehicles in exchange for slightly more modern German-made Marder fighting vehicles.

Source: The Gaze