Germany has announced a new military aid package for Ukraine worth an estimated €500 million. This was announced by German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius at the Ramstein meeting, FAZ reports.

Pistorius clarified that it is about additional supplies of ammunition and vehicles.

“The delivery will start in the near future – almost immediately,” Pistorius said.

In addition, Germany will cover the cost of 180,000 rounds of ammunition as part of the Czech initiative to purchase 155 mm artillery shells for Ukraine on the world market. This delivery will take place in stages and will begin in the summer, Pistorius said. In addition, Germany has “ordered national contracts” for 100,000 shells of this calibre. Deliveries should begin this year.

The German defence minister also announced the delivery of additional vehicles to Ramstein “with the aim of sustainably enhancing battlefield mobility and logistical endurance”. According to Pistorius, this includes, among other things, 100 protected infantry vehicles and 100 “highly efficient” logistics vehicles. In addition, Germany is constantly supplying spare parts for the systems already delivered.

“The best weapon is useless if sustainability is not ensured.” In addition, there is medical material “on a large scale”.

In addition, Ukraine’s “air defence coalition” of Ukraine, led by Germany and France. A few days ago, when Norway joined the group, Pistorius said that the group now includes 15 countries.

“We want to and will work together to ensure that Ukraine can expand its air defence capabilities in the future, so that it can defend as well as effectively deter,” the German Defence Minister said.

Interoperability with Western partners is important. This is an important finding of the war in Ukraine. Day after day, Ukraine is “perfectly” repelling Russia’s attacks. It is important that the “power of the law” prevails, not the law of the strongest, Pistorius concluded.

The Ukraine Contact Group is meeting again at Ramstein Air Force Base in Rhineland-Palatinate at the invitation of US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin to coordinate military support for Ukraine in its defensive battle against Russia. The meeting will also be attended by Ukrainian Defence Minister Rustem Umerov.

Source: The Gaze