Dutch metal band Within Temptation has filmed a new video for the song “A Fool’s Parade” in the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv. Within Temptation announced this on Instagram.

“We’ve just finished filming our music video for ‘A Fool’s Parade’ in Ukraine! We are incredibly grateful for this experience, the warm welcome, and everyone who took part in it. You are all amazing and truly inspire us. This trip is an experience we will never forget. Thank you, stay strong, and until we meet again,” the band’s message said.

Earlier in the band’s press release, it was noted that the new song “A Fool’s Parade” highlights the Russian concept of war, condemns lies, ongoing crimes, and Russia’s cruel intentions. The release also mentions that the song, released as a precursor to the highly anticipated ‘Bleed Out 2024’ tour, is a powerful expression of Within Temptation’s desire to continue shedding light on “the ongoing existential struggle against brutal Russian aggression that Ukraine faces.”

The song and video, recorded in collaboration with Ukrainian artist Alex Yarmak, are set to be released on April 5th.

It’s worth noting that previously, the rock band Within Temptation supported Ukraine in the war against Russian occupiers and dedicated their song “Raise Your Banner” to the Ukrainian state. Also, in 2023, the band raised funds for boats for Ukrainian soldiers on the Kherson front.

The Berlin techno scene has been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in recognition of its contribution to Berlin’s cultural identity and uniqueness. The techno scene is one of six new elements of Germany’s intangible cultural heritage, along with other items such as fruit wine and mountaineering. The parade in Bavaria known as Kirchseeoner Perchtenlauf, where participants dress up as fluffy monsters, was also added to this list.

Clubcommission, a network of Berlin techno clubs and musicians, described this move as “another important milestone for Berlin techno producers, artists, club operators, and event organizers.”

The campaign to add techno culture and music to the list has been ongoing for over a decade, led by the non-profit organization Rave the Planet, which supports electronic music culture.

Source: The Gaze