If a fashionable look for you primarily consists of dark tones, but you’re already tired of black, the best couturiers propose an excellent solution. Midnight Blue – a color with a long history and, at the same time, an ultra-modern shade for several consecutive seasons. Midnight Blue is not as dull and straightforward as black, yet it remains just as fundamental. However, it offers a broader range of nuances, shades, and combinations, unlike the strictness of black.

The Pantone Institute, which determines the palettes of the most trendy colors in the global design every year, has included Midnight Blue for several seasons in a row. Nevertheless, true titans of the fashion industry, including Armani, Alexander McQueen, Mugler, Moncler, Ferragamo, and others, have long been encouraging their followers to replace black items with this dark shade of blue to look elegant, fresh, and expensive. In the endless array of fashion shows, it’s challenging to find one where clothing in dark blue shades is not featured.

What is this color, and where did it come from?

Photo: Midnight Blue in Van Gogh's "Starry Night"

Photo: Midnight Blue in Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, Source: Wiki

Midnight Blue is achieved by adding black to the blue base and has the code #191970. Until 1958, artists referred to it as “Berlin Blue” until the renowned producer of wax crayons for artists, Crayola, renamed this shade to Midnight Blue in its extensive palette.

Midnight Blue is completely devoid of the negative connotations of black – the color of fear and mourning. At the same time, it maintains the positive image of the color of power, confidence, intelligence, strength, and elegance.

Like black, Midnight Blue is a neutral color and blends well with many shades. Appreciate the color of the sky and the combinations of blue with bright colors in Vincent Van Gogh’s famous paintings “Starry Night” and “Café Terrace at Night,” painted in the 1800s.

Regarding the use of this color in clothing and the emergence of the name “Midnight Blue,” this happened a little later – in the early 20th century. The name of the color dates back to 1915, and in the 1920s, one of the style icons of that era – the Duke of Windsor, Edward VIII – demonstrated to English and continental European nobility how beautiful dark blue is for suits and tuxedos.

Edward VIII’s merits as a trendsetter are acknowledged by the famous Metropolitan Museum, which granted a worthy place in the exhibition to one of the dark blue evening suits of the Duke of Windsor.

Photo: Trendsetter and the Duke of Windsor, Edward VIII

Photo: Trendsetter and the Duke of Windsor, Edward VIII, Source: Wiki

Just like the best couturiers, interior designers highly value Midnight Blue, but they recommend not to overuse it. In room decoration, this shade can add sophistication, but covering too large surfaces can create a depressing impression. It is best suited for decorating offices, libraries, and studios. However, it is also appropriate for bedrooms, evoking associations with nightly peace and quiet.

Clothing in Midnight Blue looks excellent in any textures: whether fur, satin, leather, wool, velvet, or even denim. Embroidery of this shade, adorned with dark blue beads or rhinestones, large accessories with dark blue stones combined with gold or platinum, creates a cosmic impression.

Midnight Blue has become a frequent guest on red carpets and the most iconic stages worldwide. Madonna, Emma Stone, Ellie Bamber, Sandra Bullock, Rebecca Hall, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many other global embodiments of elegance and taste have been spotted in luxurious dresses of this shade.

What Does It Pair Well With? 

Photo: Midnight Blue defile

Photo: Midnight Blue defile, Source: Pinterest

Midnight Blue finds its best match in winter clothing with dark red tones. When diluted with bright pink or orange accessories, it starts to appear brighter, as if illuminated by the soft glow of a precious gemstone. The combination of Midnight Blue and yellow is reminiscent of the night sky – after all, it is precisely the color of the night sky around the full moon that colorists and artists tried to replicate, creating this shade.

According to color theory, olive complements Midnight Blue. It also pairs well with burgundy, Dusty rose, and gold. If you are looking for shades similar to Midnight Blue, consider a less deep and dark Navy Blue, as well as the even lighter Royal Blue, which has gained popularity thanks to the romantic comedy “Red, White and Royal Blue” featuring Nicholas Galitzine, playing the role of a charming British prince.

That clothing in Midnight Blue is an excellent investment and will remain relevant for a long time is proven by next year’s collections from leading global brands. Givenchy’s striking trouser suits, Proenza Schouler’s elegant draped dresses, leather jackets and suits from LaPointe, oversized women’s overcoats from TOD’s, and coats from Burberry all showcase the enduring allure of Midnight Blue.

The impending surge in the popularity of gold-colored bags, accessories, footwear, and even trousers makes opting for dark blue items almost inevitable. The combination of Midnight Blue with gold is perhaps the most luxurious of all imaginable pairings.

Future Color Forecasts

Photo: Lady In Deep Blue

Photo: Lady In Deep Blue, Source: Antropologie.com

Looking even further into the future, the trend forecasting company WGSN and its subsidiary Color System predicted the main color for 2025. Their crystal ball clearly showed a mysterious combination of dark purple and Midnight Blue, named Future Dusk.

This color is designed to evoke a sense of “escapism and impact transition themes – whether transitioning from darkness to light or from twilight to dawn – making it ideal for a period of tremendous change.” Astrologers also promise significant changes: Saturn will be in Pisces until 2026, heralding swift growth and development in many areas of our lives. We hope that astrologers’ predictions also extend to the political aspects of our lives. For example, that the Russian dictator Putin will face deserved punishment in 2024, Ukraine will finally experience long-awaited peace, and our planet will cease to be plagued by military conflicts initiated by the new China-Russia-Iran axis of evil.

Until this happens, the stars increasingly determine what even those who do not believe in astrology will be wearing in two years.

As we can see, even the cosmos demands our attention to Midnight Blue. This shade remains fashionable in manicures, interiors, the design of ultra-modern gadgets, and even car manufacturing. Studies have shown that most people associate shades of blue with electric cars. This eco-friendly segment has been demonstrating rapid growth in developed countries for several years now.

Source: The Gaze