A former stripper, Carrie Royal, 52, who claimed to have kissed Prince Harry 12 years ago during his wild Las Vegas parties, is threatening to re-publish photos of Harry, now on OnlyFans, to retaliate for being “whitewashed” in his memoir, The Sun reports.

Carey previously claimed to have kissed Prince Harry after being invited to join strippers and other guests in a Wynn hotel room in 2012.

The former stripper has now claimed to have more photos that have not been previously published and has promised to post them on the pay-per-view section of her OnlyFans website, which features the royal crest logo.

“I have some beautiful photos of him in a buff,” she said.

“These photos have never been seen by the public. I have pictures of him by the pool before parties and pictures of Harry in Buffy. People will be shocked by them,” she added. “I’m a little bit angry about being in his book. I mean. . . He missed a lot of things from that night.”

Carrie clarified that Harry was “crazy” and “spontaneous” and now shows the “opposite side” of his former self.

This comes after the former stripper auctioned off a pair of black underpants she claimed Prince Harry tore during his infamous stripping act in Las Vegas.

Carrie claimed to have been in a room with the prince when he was allegedly naked playing an air guitar with a pool cue at Encore at the Wynn Las Vegas in August 2012.

She also claimed that Harry sang Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and used a glove to cover his manhood.

She claimed that Harry gave her the underwear as a souvenir as she left a high-profile party in Las Vegas where he was walking around naked and hugging another woman, in pictures that previously made headlines around the world.

As The Gaze wrote, Prince Harry “is keen to return to his royal duties to reconcile with his father, King Charles III”, and he and his wife Meghan have recently even launched a new website featuring the royal titles and coat of arms.

Source: The Gaze