The struggle of ordinary Ukrainians against the Russian invaders, epochal events in the life of the royal family, adventures of the first ever zoomer detective, Oliver Twist spin-off and desperate attempts of a group of drunken commandos to save Las Vegas from being blown up by terrorists – this is just a part of the series variety that is guaranteed to save you from the autumn blues this month.

Those Who Stayed

from 1 November on Netflix

In February-March 2022, when the Russian occupier was just a few kilometres away from the capital of Ukraine, about two million people left Kyiv. But every second person stayed – the stories of six of them are included in an anthology of feature films based on real events. “Those Who Stayed” tells the story of a zoo worker who was caught up in the war at his workplace; a woman who was forced to live in the same house as her current and former husband because of the war; a homeless man who rushed to help the territorial defence; a simple boy who fights enemy missiles with the help of fairy-tale fantasies; a German who came to Kyiv to pick up his girlfriend but stayed to work with volunteers; and a Ukrainian pop legend who started streaming from his apartment in Kyiv to inspire people to resist the invaders.

The Buccaneers

from 8 November on Apple TV+

This British costume drama is an adaptation of the last and unfinished novel by Edith Wharton, who in 1921 became the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction (The Age of Innocence). Wharton had insights from high society and was well acquainted with the New York aristocracy, so she is appreciated for her realistic descriptions of the life and morals of the American era, which Mark Twain called the Gilded Age (1877-1900). The Buccaneers tells the story of the clash of two cultures and traditions when several young American women arrive in London in the 1870s to find a profitable husband during the debutante season.

The Curse

from 10 November on Showtime/Paramount+

The story of The Curse begins as a satire about a TV presenter couple working on the pilot episode of the show Philanthropy, which focuses on the renovation of old houses. They want to become famous by tackling gentrification and creating environmentally friendly homes in the unemployed city of Española, New Mexico. However, after three episodes, the comedic tone will abruptly fade into the background as the couple, despite the success of their project, are unable to have a child and are fighting. Moreover, there is a suspicion that they have been cursed by a black girl, whom they cynically tried to use in the video to make themselves look like philanthropists.

A Murder at the End of the World

from 14 November on Hulu/FX

The oldest members of Generation Z are now in their 20s, so we need to get used to the fact that they are now able to do more than just take pictures of their food for Instagram or record videos of silly dances for TikTok, but also do some adult things. For example, investigate murders. Young hacker Darby Hart is just such a new type of amateur detective. She and eight other guests are invited to a retreat by a reclusive millionaire who lives in a luxurious remote estate. Soon, one of the guests is found dead, and Hart is faced with the challenge of proving to everyone that it was murder, despite the general opinion. Otherwise, the criminal will take the life of the next victim.

The Crown

from 16 November on Netflix

The sixth season of the series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II will focus on the landmark events that took place from 1997 to 2005. Tony Blair’s premiership, Princess Diana’s death, the beginning of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s romance, and the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles – what could be better than sitting on the sofa under a blanket on long autumn evenings, drinking tea and milk and cheering for the royal family as if they were your own family.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

from 17 November on Apple TV+

Remember the battle between Godzilla and MUTO in the 2014 film? After that epic riot, there was almost nothing left of the suffering San Francisco, and the world suddenly found out that monsters are not fairy tales for children, but a nightmarish reality. The events of the new series from the MonsterVerse cinematic universe take place 50 years after the legendary Godzilla and span the lives of three generations. In the story, a brother and sister, unravelling the secrets of their father’s biography, discover their family’s connection to the secret organisation Monarch. Following the clues, the heroes soon come across the enigmatic army officer Lee Shaw (Kurt Russell), who knows everything about monsters and states the dire state of affairs: “The world is on fire…”


from 21 November on FX

The fourth season of Fargo left many people with a taste of disappointment, so we want the fifth season to exceed expectations. Its creators promise that this time the show’s traditional balance between crime drama and black comedy will be tilted towards the latter. In the story, Dorothy Lyon (Juno Temple) is a seemingly ordinary housewife who is haunted by her long-forgotten criminal past in the form of Sheriff Tillman and the mysterious tramp Olle Munk. Dorothy’s husband calls for help from his mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh), who runs the largest collection firm in the country. And then begins what usually begins in the Fargo series: a chain of bloody and destructive events caused by human stupidity and greed. It is known that the new season will ask the characters two questions: “When is child abduction not considered kidnapping?” and “What if your wife is not your wife?”

Doctor Who

from 25 November on BBC One, Disney+

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the legendary British science fiction project about a time traveller, we have prepared three special episodes. The fourteenth incarnation of the Doctor will be played by Scottish actor David Tennant (who played the Tenth Doctor in 2005-2010). Catherine Tate will return to the role of his companion Donna Noble, and Neil Patrick Harris will take on the role of the unnamed villain. In addition, it is known that the last (Christmas) special will also feature the fifteenth incarnation of the Doctor, played for the first time by Shuti Gatwa, the star of the Sex Education series.

The Artful Dodger

from 29 November on Disney+

This is a spin-off of Charles Dickens’ classic novel Oliver Twist. The plot of the series focuses on Jack Dawkins, known as the Artful Dodger. In the original story, he was a pickpocket and the leader of a gang of child criminals on the streets of London. Now, in the series, we will learn about his adult life. The events will unfold in Australia in the 1850s, when Dawkins has already achieved something in life and works as a respectable surgeon. However, as often happens with criminals who have supposedly given up, one day an old acquaintance appears on the horizon – and an unbridled thirst for crime flares up in the hero’s heart, just like many years ago.


from 30 November on Netflix

Terrorists are planning to blow up the whole damn Las Vegas. To stop them, an elite team of special forces from various units of the US armed forces gathers. The counter-terrorism measures go off like clockwork, and the soldiers go to celebrate the successful operation on the streets of Sin City, which is full of sex, drugs and alcohol. However, it soon becomes clear that the bomb they defused is a fake. They need to save their reputations and the lives of people in a city of millions. But there is one problem. The team has already had a lot to drink, so their desperate attempts to find the real bomb will be a challenge.

Source: The Gaze