One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe with Ukrainian roots, WhiteBIT, has announced its entry into the Polish market. WhiteBIT made this announcement in their blog.

The company claims that their interest in the Polish market stems from its developed ecosystem of digital assets and favorable regulatory conditions. According to recent surveys, 77% of Poles know what cryptocurrency is, approximately 10% of Poles own virtual money, and one in three believes that they will be used as a means of payment in the future. This sets Poland apart positively from many other European countries.

“The global goal and mission of our company are to achieve mass adoption of blockchain technologies and increase the cryptocurrency community worldwide. The future of humanity lies in digital technologies, including blockchain. This is what we believe in and adhere to. Entering the Polish market is a logical step in the development not only for WhiteBIT but also for the cryptocurrency community as a whole. There is a strong societal demand here for the implementation and use of blockchain technologies, with interest and support from the government and the banking sector, and most importantly, favorable conditions for their development. We are entering the Polish market so that users can benefit from the advantages of our platform and the wide ecosystem of our projects. We want to set a new standard in the crypto industry in Poland,” said the founder and CEO of the company, Volodymyr Nosov.

The WhiteBIT exchange already supports the Polish złoty (PLN) and nine other fiat currencies, with over 350 trading pairs and 270 assets.

“Users can make instant transactions to any point in the world, transfer funds to their loved ones, or passively earn from 1.35% per month,” noted WhiteBIT.

It is worth mentioning that WhiteBIT has registered over 4 million clients worldwide. An independent audit conducted by Hacken assigned WhiteBIT a AAA rating, making it the second safest exchange in the world.

Additionally, the company is an official partner of the Barcelona football club and the Ukrainian national football team.

It should be noted that in early June, Ukraine presented a draft law regulating the taxation of cryptocurrency operations and an updated version of the “Law on Virtual Assets” with implemented provisions of the European MiCA regulation.

Source: The Gaze