Slovenia is an unforgettable country with unique architecture of ancient cities, picturesque lakes, and talented people known worldwide. It is a land of natural contrasts, where the scenic Alps meet the magnificent Adriatic Sea. Slovenia will leave you with lasting memories and become engraved in your mind thanks to its incredibly delicious cuisine.

Here are 5 Slovenian dishes that will impress your taste buds:


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Bograč is an incredible traditional Slovenian meat stew, which, according to legend, was first prepared by Hungarian shepherds in the Prekmurje region, which was previously under Hungarian rule. The dish got its name from the cauldron (“bograč”) in which it is still cooked today. According to the classic recipe, the stew is made with four types of meat: pork, beef, venison, and wild boar. All of this is simmered together with potatoes, onions, and a variety of spices, along with water. This soup is incredibly hearty and high in calories, making it perfect for lunch.

Prleška gibanica

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Prekmurje Layered Pie is a pie from the Slovenian national cuisine, with a recipe originating from Prekmurje. The dish is a variation of a traditional “gibanica” pie, which includes cheese and sour cream, while the dough is made from flour, butter, eggs, warm water, vinegar, and sugar. The dough is rolled into thin sheets, which are then brushed with a mixture of sour cream, cheese, and eggs. The final layer is brushed with sour cream mixed with a small amount of oil. Prekmurje Layered Pie is then baked and served hot on the table with whipped cream sauce.


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Štruklji is considered one of the most popular traditional Slovenian dishes, made from various types of rolled dough filled with both sweet and savory fillings. You can find štruklji all over Slovenia, whether it’s in home kitchens, restaurants, or remote mountain huts. Štruklji can be baked in an oven or cooked in a pot. Originally, the dish was prepared only for festive occasions. However, since the 1930s, štruklji have spread throughout the country and become one of the favorite everyday dishes on Slovenian tables.

Zgornjesavinjski želodec

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Zgornjesavinjski Želodec is a traditional meat delicacy that can only be found in Upper Savinja, located in northeastern Slovenia. The dish gets its name “Želodec” from the traditional preparation method, where pig stomachs are stuffed with minced pork and fat. The dish is then pressed for several days and dried for three to six months.

Prekmurska gibanica

Photo: Prekmurska gibanica, Source:

Prekmurje Layered Cake is a famous dessert that originates from Prekmurje. Geographically, this region is located in the northeastern part of Slovenia and is known for dishes inspired by Hungarian and Austrian traditions. Prekmurje Layered Cake is derived from “potica,” a multi-layered rolled pastry popular in the eastern part of Slovenia, Austria, and Hungary. The first written mentions of Prekmurje Layered Cake date back to the 1700s, and sources from 1828 state that the dish was traditionally served at weddings.

Source: The Gaze