Leading global tech giants continue to amaze the world with their innovative devices, improving what seemed impossible to enhance and offering new technical solutions that not only make everyday life and work easier but also make life more exciting and vibrant.

Cyber-dogs and home robots, transparent TVs and laptops, tactile gadgets, clutch-smartphones, augmented reality technologies, and finally, the foldable iPhone, rumours of which have been circulating for years – all feature in the latest review.

Transparent TV LG Signature OLED T

LG announced a completely transparent TV at CES 2024. The company claims this is the world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV. The model is called the Signature OLED T. Its operation is powered by the WebOS operating system. The package includes a special Zero Connect Box module, through which various media streamers such as cable boxes, gaming consoles, smartphones, or laptops can be connected to the TV. The module can be up to 9 meters away from the OLED T.

Palmplug One Gadget for Enhanced Tactile Sensations

Another innovative device that, in addition to its entertainment functions, will significantly help people with disabilities. The Palmplug One device is a gadget for the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered a stroke. It is worn on the hand and provides the person with tactile feedback. In other words, if the patient’s hand is insensitive, Palmplug One will fix it. Developers say the gadget can be used in other applications for tactile effect, such as during video games.

Omen Transcend 14 Laptop for Gaming on the Go

True gamers will be interested in the miniature, lightweight, and incredibly thin (18 mm) Omen Transcend 14 laptop. It also weighs very little: 1.36 kg with dimensions of 30 cm by 2 cm. It is lighter than its predecessor Transcend 16 and is positioned in the market as a laptop “for gaming on the go”. Its display diagonal is 14 inches with a resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels, and it has a 71 Wh lithium-polymer battery. The gadget is also equipped with one HDMI 2.1 port, two sets of USB Type-A and Type-C, as well as a headphone jack. It is available in the market in two versions with either an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H chip or an Intel Core Ultra 9 185H chip.

Xiaomi CyberDog 2

Xiaomi CyberDog 2, the second generation of the robotic dog from the Chinese tech giant, offers a unique experience in robotics. This device weighs 8.9 kilograms and can move at a speed of 15 km/h. With advanced navigation systems such as an ultrasonic sensor, AI camera, and others, CyberDog 2 easily navigates spaces and avoids obstacles. The robot has intelligent AI algorithms that enable it to perform various commands: from front and back flips and jumps up to 1 meter high, to giving a paw, sitting, and moving on 2 or 4 legs. Additionally, the robot can recognise its owner’s face.

CyberDog 2 is controlled using voice commands or gestures, providing the user with convenient and intuitive means of interaction with the device. This innovative robotic dog can become not only a good companion but also a useful helper, especially for those who suffer from allergies to pet fur.

Smartphone-Handbag V Purse

A unique gadget for the cyber-fashionistas of the new millennium – the V Purse smartphone-handbag, which may not cause a stir in the world of smartphones but will certainly be a striking accessory. The V Purse is a foldable phone with two always-on screens, front and back, capable of unfolding into a large square tablet format. The device is equipped with a hinge to which various straps and chains can be attached, transforming the phone into a stylish handbag. The gadget also offers a range of animated wallpapers that make it visually resemble a clutch. It has a memory capacity of 16/256 GB, which is an additional advantage for girls who want to stay trendy.

CineBeam Qube Projector

The portable 4K projector from LG, CineBeam Qube, can be used strictly for its intended purpose, or as a “stylish interior accessory.” At least, this is what the developer company claims. The goal is for the device to blend with room decor thanks to its understated design. The projector operates on the WebOS 6.0 operating system. Dimensions: width 13.5 cm, length 8 cm, and height 13.5 cm, weight 1.5 kg. A 360° rotating handle allows for easy transport and setup anywhere. The model displays 154% of colours in the DCI-P3 colour space, with automatic focus and keystone correction, which is important when placing the video projector directly in front of a screen or wall.

XReal Air 2 Ultra Augmented Reality Glasses

Unlike the expensive Vision Pro glasses from Apple, which cost $3500, the similar XReal Air 2 Ultra gadget is priced at just $700. The model “rests” on a titanium ring frame and has a modern, stylish Wayfarer form factor. The latest version of the glasses from XReal is a “successor” to the XReal Air 2 and Air 2 Pro models, mainly focusing on spatial computing. The glasses function thanks to 3D sensors that track everything happening around the user. The sensors, by the way, are equipped with computer vision capabilities, providing real-time location determination and mapping information.

Robot Ballie

Samsung officially introduced its new charming robot Ballie at CES 2024. This adorable little bot, resembling a football, is positioned as a “true AI companion.” It can project computer images onto a wall, entertaining you and your guests. The robot can control the operation of smart lamps in rooms, heat the room it is in by connecting to a linked thermostat, and can also answer questions verbally asked by its owner.

Smart Ring Oura Ring 3

The new gadgets of the year have also been supplemented with smart devices that track activity. But we are not talking about a smartwatch, but about the Oura Ring 3. Many believe that the future lies with these, as the finger is an ideal source of accurate data on heart rate and body temperature. The main difference between the ring and a smartwatch is the absence of a display. The ring does not distract, does not show notifications, and does not prompt you to move or breathe. The gadget unobtrusively reads heart rate, body temperature, respiration, and blood oxygen levels, displaying them in an app, carefully adapting to your lifestyle. The Oura Ring tracks health, fitness, and sleep, and by analysing the data, shows the user’s current state and whether their body is ready for physical exertion.

Foldable iPhone

Apple plans to start mass production of foldable iPhones and hybrids of MacBook and iPad in the next two years, according to Apple investors and a report by Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu. According to the information, a 20.3-inch foldable hybrid is expected to be released at the end of 2025, and a foldable smartphone at the end of 2026. The company is choosing a size for the foldable iPhone between 7.9 and 8.3 inches. Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared his forecasts, detailing what to expect from future foldable devices from Apple. According to him, the laptop will be available in two versions: with a screen diagonal of 18.8 inches and 20.2 inches, reminiscent of the current approach to the MacBook Pro, which offered two device options with different specifications.

Source: The Gaze