Poland has joined the G7 countries’ declaration on security guarantees for Ukraine and appointed a representative for the reconstruction of the country. Prime Minister Donald Tusk made this announcement during his visit to Kyiv, as reported by the Polish government’s office. Tusk stated that his government will appoint an envoy to oversee Ukraine’s reconstruction.

“We will collaborate in various formats. Poland has joined the G7 declaration—this declaration aims to mobilize democratic countries in support of Ukraine,” said Donald Tusk, according to his office.

Prime Minister Tusk disclosed the name of the official who will serve as Poland’s envoy for Ukraine’s reconstruction. The appointed individual is Sejm deputy Pavel Koval, who heads the foreign affairs committee.

“We want to take a very active part not only in assisting Ukraine in its war with Russia but also in the rebuilding process,” stated Donald Tusk.

In turn, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed gratitude to the Polish Prime Minister for his stance and readiness to support Ukraine.

“We discussed Poland’s accession to the G7 declaration. Thankful for your willingness to start working on a security agreement between our countries,” stated the Ukrainian president after the meeting with Donald Tusk.

Zelensky described the negotiations with Tusk as “very effective.” According to him, discussions also touched upon Poland’s financial support for the purchase of weapons for Ukraine and joint arms production.

“In times when we defend not only our independence but also the freedom of other nations, solidarity with Ukraine cannot be undermined by any circumstances,” said the Ukrainian president.

Zelensky also expressed confidence that all disputes between Kyiv and Warsaw can be resolved through intergovernmental negotiations.

Donald Tusk arrived in Kyiv for an official visit on the morning of January 22. The trip had been announced in advance, and discussions during the visit are expected to focus on unlocking the border with Ukraine. In late December, Tusk announced that he would bring a “serious proposal” from Kyiv regarding easing the situation for Polish carriers. Additionally, Donald Tusk, along with Ukrainian officials, paid tribute to the memory of Ukraine’s fallen defenders.

Source: The Gaze