An unprecedented number of participants – 101 delegations from countries and international organisations – have joined the inaugural Peace Summit, which began today in Switzerland, the Office of the President of Ukraine reports.

Before the start of the inaugural Peace Summit, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with President of Switzerland Viola Amherd.

During the meeting, they discussed the last preparations and technical details of the Summit, coordinated the final communiqué and paid special attention to the further action plan.

The Summit was attended by delegations from all continents: Latin America, the Middle East and Asia, Africa, Europe, the Pacific, Australia, and North America. Two-thirds of the participating countries are represented at the highest level.

“A number of other countries and leaders have shown interest in our Summit and responded to the peacemaking impulse of the Peace Formula. And even if they are not here today, at the first summit, we have managed to return to the world the idea that collective efforts can stop the war and establish a just peace,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

The President of Ukraine noted that Russia was not present at the summit.

“Why? Because if Russia was interested in peace, there would be no war. We must decide together what a just peace means for the world and how it can be achieved in a truly lasting way. The UN Charter is the basis for us. And then, when the action plan is on the table, agreed by all and transparent to the peoples, then it will be communicated to the representatives of Russia, so that at the second peace summit we can record the real end of the war,” he stressed.

The summit will not reach a final agreement on ending the war in Ukraine, but aims to create the basis for a just and lasting peace, said Swiss President Viola Amgerd.

Any freezing of the conflict in Ukraine will not lead to peace, but will become a precondition for a new war of aggression. That is why Ukraine needs a comprehensive and sustainable peace in compliance with the principles of the UN Charter, which are important for all countries of the world. This was stated by President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen in her speech at the Peace Summit.

About 500 media representatives from all over the world have gathered at the Peace Summit in Switzerland. Russian journalists are among them.

The historic Global Peace Summit, organised by Ukraine, is taking place in Switzerland on 15-16 June. It is expected to be attended by leaders from around the world who will unite to find ways to achieve sustainable peace in Ukraine and beyond.

Source: The Gaze