Efforts to shift passengers from planes to trains for environmental reasons continue in Europe, and several exciting long-distance train routes are set to open across the continent in 2024.

Travel Off Path highlights three highly anticipated international train routes in Europe:

  1. Paris to Berlin: For the first time in nine years, the capitals of France and Germany will be connected by a high-speed overnight train service with no transfers or intermediate stops.

    Paris, with its iconic Eiffel Tower and elegant boulevards, is a beloved destination for many travelers exploring Europe. On the other hand, Berlin, as the restored capital of Germany, attracts tourists looking to delve into history and experience vibrant nightlife. Surprisingly, these iconic cities have not been connected by night trains until now.

    The NightJet, a subsidiary of the Austrian national railway company ÖBB, plans to launch this route by the end of 2023. The train will depart from Paris’s Gare de l’Est (or the eastbound station) at 19:12 and arrive in Berlin at 8:26 the following day. From Berlin, the train will depart at 20:18, reaching Paris’s Gare de l’Est at 10:24 the next morning. Initially, the train will run three times a week, with daily service starting in the autumn. Tickets will start at €50.

  2. Paris to Madrid: Finally, the capitals of France and Spain will be connected by direct rail service. The Italian company Trenitalia plans to operate its famous “Red Arrow” trains on this route, which already serve Paris, Lyon, Turin, and Milan. Traveling at speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour, the Frecciarossa train is one of the most popular train services in Europe.

    The route is expected to launch by the end of 2024, with ticket prices starting from $30.

  3. Brussels to Prague: This route, connecting the capitals of Belgium and the Czech Republic, is an extension of the “Brussels to Berlin” route by European Sleeper. Along the way, the train will make stops in Antwerp (Belgium), Rotterdam, and Amsterdam (the Netherlands), before reaching Berlin and Dresden (Germany).

    It is planned to launch this route in 2024, with one daily service. The approximate ticket prices are currently unknown.

These new train routes offer travelers convenient and eco-friendly options to explore some of Europe’s most iconic cities while enjoying the comfort and scenic views of train travel.

Source: The Gaze