Are you looking for a delightful and intelligent movie? Look no further! “The Electrical Life of Louis Wain” (2021) is an enthralling adaptation of the life of a British artist and cat enthusiast. Captivating from the start, this extraordinary film stars Benedict Cumberbatch, portraying a complex and unpredictable character.

After watching a short teaser and delving into the film’s history, I had the chance to step into this refined world. The intriguing plot, brilliant performances, and captivating visuals immediately caught my attention.

The life of Louis Wain serves as a valuable lesson. A kind and trusting talented young man finds himself in an aggressive post-war society that transforms him into a schizophrenic.

His delicate emotional structure cannot withstand misfortunes and the pressures of domestic dictates. He dedicates his warm spirit to kittens, loving them more than people. The only woman who showed him affection and light fell ill and passed away, leaving him to confront a malevolent world. After a tragic incident with his sister, Louis finds himself in a psychiatric hospital.

However, his salvation comes in the form of a friend – writer Herbert Wells. Through his efforts, the British authorities recognize Louis’s talent. In his final days, the artist resides in a reputable clinic, drawing animals in a shelter for cats. Thus, Louis returns to motifs once painted by his mother on Turkish carpets.

This story undoubtedly provides psychologists with vivid examples of a son’s dependence on his mother, the search for what he lacked from her, and the consequences when one doesn’t find it.

Furthermore, I must highlight the impressive Ukrainian dubbing. The exceptional performances by Ukrainian actors add even more depth to the overall experience of the film.

I love Ukrainian dubbing because it infuses the artwork with an additional soul, allowing the audience to enjoy the movie in their native language without losing the original depth and performances by the actors.

So, if you’re seeking a thought-provoking and entertaining film, “The Electrical Life of Louis Wain” is the perfect choice. Let’s explore this promising trailer together:

Video by @planetakino