Australian footballer Joshua Cavallo of Adelaide United, known as the world’s only openly gay professional footballer, announced his engagement to his partner, Layton Morrell. Cavallo shared the news on his Instagram along with photos of him proposing to Morrell on the Coopers Stadium field, the home ground of his team.

One of the photos shows 24-year-old Joshua Cavallo kneeling down while Morrell joyfully reacts to the proposal. Another photo depicts the couple holding hands, with an engagement ring on Morrell’s finger.

“Engaged to my fiancé. Mr. and Mr. Soon,” captioned the footballer alongside the photo.

Australian footballer Joshua Cavallo announced his engagement to his partner

Joshua Cavallo also expressed gratitude to Adelaide United for their assistance in orchestrating this surprise proposal.

“Thank you to Adelaide United for helping to organize this surprise. Your endless support has meant so much to me. The club provided me with a safe space in football that I couldn’t even dream of and encouraged me to live fully every day of my life. It felt right to share this special moment on the field where it all began,” noted the footballer.

In October 2021, Joshua Cavallo had already announced on his Instagram that he is gay. In his statement, he shared his journey from hiding to openness, describing how he had to mask his feelings to fit into the professional footballer’s standards.

Australian footballer Joshua Cavallo of Adelaide United, announced his engagement to his partner

It’s worth mentioning that Edoardo Santini, dubbed “Italy’s most beautiful man,” decided to leave his promising modelling career and enter seminary to become a priest.

In a video posted on social media, Santini explained that he plans to “become a priest if God permits.” He shared that over the past few years, he met people who, by showing him what it means to be part of the Church, gave him the opportunity to explore the calling he had been interested in since childhood but never dared to delve deeper into. In January 2020, he discovered the “true Church” and started sharing on social media about God and the calling he felt.

Source: The Gaze